Staff Development Program

Staff development program is the process directed towards the personal and professional growth of faculties. So the regulatory bodies began to recognize the need of organized staff developmental activities such as orientation and in-service education.


  • To improve the productivity and to assist the performance of faculty
  • To clarify expectations for the continued professional education of each staff member working in the institution
  • To acquire professional and personal abilities
  • To provide the opportunity for the faculties to continually acquire implement the new knowledge, skills, attitudes, ideas, methodology with scientific applications during the teaching.


Faculty development programme was successfully conducted in our Vivekanandha College of Nursing on 1st of November by community department. The FDP programme was taken by Mrs.M.Sindhumathi B.Sc., (N) working as a Clinical instructor in Vivekanandha College of Nursing. She has taken under the title “National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme.” The FDP programme received an overwhelming response among our faculties from various Departments.


The Indian Nursing Council is organizing an Orientation programme on Revised B. Sc Nursing Syllabus and Nursing program for the entire Nursing faculty including Principal College of Nursing & Dean/Registrar of all the Universities.

The Faculties actively participated in the orientation program and gained more information about B.Sc Nursing syllabus. The Indian Nursing Council organized orientation workshop on revised B. Sc Nursing syllabus programme for the College of nursing. The Principal and vice Principal were actively participated for four days virtual programme with three hour session on Zoom platform at 10.30AM to 1.30 PM from 01.09.2021 to 04.09.2021.

Training Program

Our principal N.Sheelavathi and R.Revathi Nursing faculty were attended the seven days training programme (22.02.2021 to 28.02.2021) on RMNCH+A sponsored by government of India organized by tamilnadu nurses midwives council,Chennai.,Hosted at Annai JKK Sampoorani Ammal College of Nursing,Komarapalayam.

Our principal Prof.Dr.N.sheelavathi and vive principal Prof.Dr.M.Geetha were attended Virtual seminar on "Champion - Nurse Administrator” on 21.04.21 organized by tamilnadu nurses midwives council, Chennai.

Our principal Prof.Dr.N.sheelavathi presented a webinar topic on Role of teacher in prevention of COVID -19 among students and teachers in Krishnashree College of education for women, on 03rd June 2021.


  • Child health nursing department were organized the webinar on child feeding practice in the context of covid- 19 on 26.04.2021.Mrs.Mushinath A R,Professor from little flower college of nursing,Trivandrum,kerala was the resource person. Organizing secretary-Mrs.R.Sangeetha M.SC Nursing.
  • Medical surgical nursing department Mrs.C.Priya were organized the webinar on Personal productive Equipment-Skin Injury Prevention and management on 04.05.2021.Resource person Professor Mr.Anand Sam Perera.S. From swami vivekhanand subhari university Meerut.
  • Mental health nursing department had organized a webinar on Counseling approach and basic methods of psychotherapy in Covid 19 situation on25.05.21.Organizing secretary-Mrs.V.Nirosha M.Sc (N), Resource Person Prof.Arun R. from swami Vivekananda Subhari University, Meerut.
  • From OBG department Mrs.Nageswari Nursing had arranged webinar topic is Mucormycosis on 18.06.2021. Resource person was professor from karpaga vinayaga college of nursing.
  • Community health Nursing department will plan to conduct webinar on29.06.21 in the topic of transformational needs of health care system in post covid. Resourse person will be Mrs.Sheeliya white, N, M.Sc Nursing, MBA, Assitant Professor in applied Science College for females, Alnamas, Saudhi Arabia. Organizing secretary: Dr.N.Sheelavathi,Principal,VCON