Rules and Regulations


  • The student should be maintaining their professional dignity in the college as well as in the clinical (Hospital) and community. The student should be in proper uniform in the clinical as well as in the college campus with the identity card. The uniform should be neat and tidy.
  • The students have to obtain minimum 90% of attendance to attain the university examinations / board examinations. The average marks of all the class test will be taken for university / Board internal assessment.
  • No leave will be permitted without evidence (Attending marriages, Interview, Festivals, etc.,)
  • No leave will be permitted along with holidays.
  • Sickness to be reported immediately to the class Teacher / Warden / HOD.
  • No visitors will be entertained during the class hours.
  • Any problem / dispute among the roommates to be reported immediately to the Warden / Class HOD.
  • Communication with the teacher and classmates must be only in English.
  • Student should assemble in the class room by 9.30 a.m.

Rules in Clinical /Community area

  • The Student should be in proper uniform in clinical and community area with identity card
  • Morning shift students should assemble near the bus by 6.15 am and after shift by 11.15 am
  • The Student should bring dairy ,pocket articles and dictionary to the clinical daily
  • The student should not leave the ward without getting permission from the concern faculty incharge in the ward.
  • The students be alert the inevitable events in the clinical and community area.
  • The students should not allowed to receive gift (or) gratuity from the patients of the hospital.