Academic Monitoring Committee


Chair Person : Prof Mrs.R.Nirmala Krishnan, M.Sc(N),Ph.D, Principal - VNCW.

Coordinator :Mrs. K. Gokilavani. M.Sc(N)


Mrs. A. Latha, M.Sc(N).,
Mrs. G. Thangamani, M.Sc(N).,
Mrs. R. Beniya Elizabeth Rani, M.Sc(N).,
Mrs. S. Obulakshmi, M.Sc(N).,
Mrs. B. Vanmathi, M.Sc(N).,
Ms. P. Revathi, B.Sc(N).,
Mrs. S. Salomi Pearlson, B.Sc(N).,
Ms. R. Pavithra

The sole purpose of AMC is to identify VNCW strength and aspirations, embody its commitments prioritize its goals and guide the short-term as well as long-term planning. It will provide a strategic foundation for the VNCW Academic Plan.

The cell monitors various academic activities of all the departments of the institution. They ensure that all the departments give assignments, seminars, projects etc. to students and it is done timely. Suggestions by students for improvement in academic activities are also properly considered. The committee comprises of heads of all the teaching departments.

Time Management

  • Students’ punctuality to the college is to be monitored by having surprise check regularly.
  • No Students are permitted to leave the class during their class hours for any purpose except class representative with the permission of class coordinator.


  • The daily attendance report of students’ is to be submitted to the AMC Coordinator before 10.00 a.m. and the same will be reported to the Principal by AMC Coordinator
  • The monthly attendance percentage should be submitted to AMC Coordinator on time and the students having lack of attendance should be properly counseled by Guidance & Counseling Coordinator and the report should be submitted to AMC Coordinator, The report will be discussed with Principal.

Internal Examination Performance Analysis

  • The Sessional examinations and the model theory and practical examination will be conducted periodically and the performance of each student will be analyzed. The students’ progress report of University and Board results will be sent to the parents regularly.