Sports & Games

The Department is functioning under the headship of Ms. V. Nagajothi, B.A., M.P.Ed., It is equipped with all indoor and outdoor facilities for the Students & Staff. The Students are regularly selected as members of university team in various disciplines and consistently winning laurels for the college. The students’ achievements in sports are given below.

Students learn how to play by rules and respect decisions made by others. Participating in sports, enhance self-image, confidence and self-respect are the positive effects of youth sports. Developmental benefits of girls participating in sports are a higher self-esteem, higher self-confidence, a better body image and a reduced risk of chronic illness.

Rambling ground is available for all out door games like cricket, football, volleyball, shuttle, kabaddi and Basket Ball. A strong reliant women kabaddi team and foot Ball team have won many prizes at district and state level meet. Our College Football team secured II place in the Periyar University Inter-Collegiate Football matches and Our College kabaddi team secured II place in the Periyar University Inter-Collegiate kabaddi matches and inter-University level participation. Sprinters of our college has participated in various intercollegiate events and brought success.