Parent – Teachers Association

The purpose of the PTA is to develop rapport between educators and the college community at large. It is an united efforts to secure for all youth students at VIAAS, the highest advantages in intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual education, and to provide a continuing channel of communication among the various sectors of the college community in order to promote an atmosphere of goodwill and cooperation.

To achieve this objective, the PTA shall be empowered to:

  • Provide venues for the expression of views on matters of general interest to parents, faculty and students;
  • Provide services and programs in support of scholastic pursuits and extracurricular activities of the students;
  • Propose to the college administration and/or the Board of Trustees any suggestions for existing educational programs or for the adoption of any new programs that may be responsive to the changing requirements of an international student body;
  • Provide social venues for parents, students and teachers to interact.