Bio Chemistry - About the Department

The Department of Biochemistry strives hard to acquire a better and more systematic understanding of the Physical World, and to disseminate new discoveries to the greater scientific community. Faculty members expand the knowledge, skills, and values of all students, and help transition their learning styles from passive to active.

The ultimate aim is to enable the students to develop an integrated approach for understanding the various life science problems at the molecular level. Various practical courses have been designed not only to enable the students to appreciate scientific basis of various life processes but also to train them for self-employment. The practical training will develop their reasoning ability to critically evaluate the results obtained from the projects. There is a greater demand globally for trained manpower in the area of Biochemistry for Research and Development, in Multinational Companies, Public Sectors, Quality Control Labs, Biopharmaceuticals companies, Food industries as well as in Universities and the present curriculum will cater to that needs.